Fire Fitness Client Success Stories

J.R. Falkenhagen

"I have never looked nor feel better than I do today! THANK YOU FIRE FITNESS! You have changed my life in more ways you could ever know."
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Bellevue Personal Trainer

Ravi Ramkumar

"As I started training with the team, I was noticing major progress: clothes fit better and I was feeling better! In that time, I finished two full marathons, a few halves, and Tough Mudder!"
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Callie Bergan

"From the support and accountability of our coaches we accomplished amazing things together."
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Greta Knappenberger finishing her race

Greta Knappenberger

"If someone had told me a year ago that right now I'd be 25 pounds lighter, working out 4-5 times a week and eating better than I ever have, I'd have said they were crazy."
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Fire Fitness Core Training

Austin Ferguson

"I measured in at 201lbs & 3.1% bodyfat. I lost nearly 20lbs of fat in 6 weeks. I could run again, my lifts were as strong they were prior to my injury, and I owed it all to the team at Fire Fitness."
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Bryn Turner Kirkland Fitness

Bryn Turner

"When all was said and done I had lost 40lbs of body fat and had gained 8lbs of muscle. I was at a weight that I hadn’t been at since high school and I was leaner and stronger than I had ever been in my life!"
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Zakk Alumbaugh Bellevue

Zakk Alumbaugh

"Every day I was getting stronger, more powerful and athletic. I hit over 330lbs on my deadlift, more than double when I started. The physical improvement was visible, but the real changes happened internally."
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Kurt Kirstein

“I set a goal a while ago to, once again, get under 200 lbs and 12% Bodyfat.  With great coaching from the Fire Fitness coaches, my own determination, and other motivations, I was able to make it there.  Not only did I make this goal but, at 47
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Kim Hasson before and after Fire Ftiness in Downtown Bellevue

Kim Hasson

“I’m currently working out 5 days a week, have lost 60 lbs and gained muscle. Three years ago walking on the treadmill was tough; now I’m back to being active and in the best shape of my life. I feel like I can accomplish anything!&
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John Barnes

“I have officially lost 50lbs and my body fat is at an all time low of 7.5% which feels amazing! I could never have gotten here without the support of all the trainers at Fire Fitness, my girlfriend Chaya, and thanks to all my workout partners
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Hugo Mora

“So far I have lost 29 lbs and more than 6″ on my waist! What is even more incredible to me is that I have more energy and I am able to do more things.” It was October of last year when I was introduced to Fire Fitness and Condition
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Seattle Tough Mudder Training

Iain McDonald

“The coaches instilled confidence in me and we structured my program around kicking some butt at the Tough Mudder. We got to work and I started training at The Inferno Challenge Course that Fire Fitness holds every Saturday as a way to prepare
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Bruce Hasson improved his fitness training in Bellevue Fire Fitness

Bruce Hasson

"The saying goes 'if it was easy, everyone would do it.' Well, this isn’t easy, but with the positive attitude of my trainers and all the people that attend the classes, I find all my goals are achievable and within reach."
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Denise Bow-Jones is a group fitness client at Fire Fitness

Denise Bow-Jones

"This year, I turned 40, and I weigh 115 pounds in a size 4 frame- with muscle definition and a six-pack that I love (and so does my husband!). And at age 40, proudly wearing a bikini is priceless."
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Kirkland Personal Trainer works out in Bellevue

Marissa Mancke – Fire Fitness Client Success Story

“Accountability helped me to drop 37 pounds of fat and 12% bodyfat in the program within 4 months!!! I want to share a little about my journey and a couple tips with finding your purpose and then being accountable to a process and most importan
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Daniel Shubert Bellevue WA fitness

Daniel Shubert

"The positive reinforcement I've received from the coaches and community at Fire Fitness has not only accelerated my progress, but has kept me motivated to maintain what I've achieved while striving to reach new milestones."
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Guarav Jagtiani weight loss in Bellevue

Gaurav Jagtiani

“Through their hard work and constant encouragement I have been able to lose 50 pounds of fat over the course of the year and finally put an end to my perpetual weight struggles. I recently got married and thanks to the them, I was able to look
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Chris Moye Bellevue Gym

Chris Moye

“Within 3 months of training i was able to lose 4% body fat, put on 10lbs of of lean mass, and gained an inch of size in every measurement we took!!” Before I began training with Mariko from Fire Fitness & Conditioning. I was so bored
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