Date:June 03, 2014

Greta Knappenberger

Greta Knappenberger before Bellevue fitness training
Greta Knappenberger after fitness training in Bellevue

“If someone had told me a year ago that right now I’d be 25 pounds lighter, working out 4-5 times a week and eating better than I ever have, I’d have said they were crazy.”

I’d always been relatively active, so weight was never a big issue in my life. Once I started having children, though, all the rules changed.  As a full-time working mother of two, I spent a lot of time nurturing my family and career, not realizing I was neglecting myself.  I rarely made time to exercise or watch what I eat, and as a result I started packing on extra pounds.  I think my breaking point was actually one day when someone remarked that I looked pregnant…some 20 months after my second child was born!

That’s when, as a new year’s resolution, I decided I had to make a change.  I didn’t start exercising immediately; I knew I had to focus on dietary changes first. I followed a program, and within four months I met my goal of losing 15 pounds.  However, I still felt really flabby and out of shape.  That’s when I decided to join the Fire Fitness Corporate Challenge with my co-workers.  I have to say I was extremely skeptical in the beginning and even somewhat worried, but I was a convert after the very first day.

Coach Stefan and Coach Rimmer are amazing.  They are energetic and motivating, even in the middle of a hectic workday.  They have the same energy level whether it’s a group of 3, or a group of 20.  And their personable and positive attitude brings even the most staunchly solo exerciser into a welcoming and supportive community of participants.  The fast paced, intense and innovative sessions keep you moving non-stop for over an hour, but it’s always over before you know it! They constantly bring new techniques, moves and combinations, so the classes are consistently interesting and challenging.  It’s functional training at its finest.  Body weight, medicine balls, bands, kettlebells, etc…they use functional movement to produce strength that I never thought was possible for myself.

The Fitness Challenge is so much more than meeting twice a week to train together; it also encourages overall well-being and health. Ryan gives personal attention to each individual and really helps you focus on your goals in everyday life.   It’s readily apparent that he really cares about what he’s doing and wants to help people grow and change their lives.

Overall after 12 weeks with the program I feel stronger, sleep better, look more toned, and have way more energy during the day.  Most of all, not only do I feel the positive changes in my mind and body, but I also get to really see the results!  The proof is easy to see when you stand before the mirror and see muscle definition, when you feel better about your body, when you walk with more confidence, and when your clothes start to fit differently.  Between diet and exercise, I’ve lost over 6% body fat, countless inches, and dropped over 3 dress sizes – the healthy way.

Bottom line:  Fire Fitness has truly impacted my life in a big way.  Thanks Ryan, Coach Rimmer for helping me get healthy and fit!